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In 1973 Chögyam Trungpa wrote the confronting text Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism. Almost 50 years later his words ring true for the physical manifestation of our spirituality – our sexuality.

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When Trungpa was writing about spiritual materialism, the sexual revolution was in full swing. Bras were being burnt, contraception was widely available, and sexual freedom was declared. But really, has anything changed? In fact, I would argue that the last fifty years have seen a new form of sexual oppression for both women and men.

It is driven by the religion of materialism and seen in the grasping of sexuality as a solid construct, able to be owned and improved. Both men and women are constantly objectifying each other and subjectifying themselves, and in doing so have lost connection to the power of their sexuality and its ability to connect us with our higher selves.

Sexual materialism is a state of mind that believes our sexuality and sexual pursuits will relieve us from suffering, and bring us happiness.

It is time to get smarter and reclaim the power and privilege of our sacred sexuality.

Belinda Tobin

Belinda is an author and Series Executive Producer of The Future Sex Love Art Projekt.

You can connect with her on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/belindatobin/

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